Come with Us to Scotland this Summer

Creative Seekers is a Small Group Guided Tour of the Scottish Borders and The Southern Highlands of Scotland.   The intimate tour will include Historic, Cultural, Social and Spiritual Overviews of what is it about Scotland that has teased and enraptured generations for millennia. View the Itinerary Page for daily agenda. Please consider Scotland with us this Summer, 2019!  Book Now –only a few spots left!

Mark Nicol 2018

Mark Nicol, seen above leading the Scottish Borders Tour 2018, brings an infectious passion to his presentation of the Magic and Mystery that is the history of the Scottish Borders.  His work as a Film-Maker and Expert Guide lead a prestigious Designation as the Finalist for the Thistle Award as Scottish Borders Tourism Ambassador.  Mark will be leading this tour in 2019. You will want to make your plans for August

If you have always dreamed of visiting Scotland for reasons that teased your imagination; then this is the tour for you. This is a small group tour of the Scottish Borders and Southern Highlands.  Our Itinerary is customized to aid history buffs and spiritual seekers looking to the land for the magic of life.

This year as a bonus treat we are ending the tour near Edinburgh so you may continue on your own to enjoy the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (without parental supervision).  We have been in previous years so we invite you to add a day or two and check it out.  Click here for an information tease

Date: Aug 16th to Aug 24th 2019

Price Now ONLY $2345  



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Why Scotland?

There is a reason Scotland is known as the MOST Beautiful Country in the World. The wildness, raw beauty and mystery of the land has nourished creative souls for all of time. The history of the past 3 millennia is still in full view. The culture and lifestyle is unchanged and the land holds a mystical beauty that one MUST see and touch.

Why This Tour?

Along with Mark will be Tebbe and Suzannah Davis from Asheville NC. As experienced travelers we know that professionalism, excellent communication and attention to detail make all the difference in creating an adventure you will never forget. This tour will only include 12 travelers like yourself. It is customized and intimate the way travel should be.

Why You?

If you have a love of adventure, are a creative, historian, mystic and lover of nature this tour is for you. Ignite your Imagination and delight your muse as you drink in the stunning vistas of the Scottish Borders and the Southern Highlands from the North Sea thru villages, mountains and pastoral lands to the Argyle Seaports